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Fitness Vlogger Max agrees to spend two weeks trying the new workout supplement everyone is raving about...
3/24/19 11:56 AM
M. Greene 2/23/19 12:08 AM
lordandmasterinlondon 1/25/19 2:08 AM
Cris Kane 1/21/19 10:20 AM
Chad and Levi finally break free from Kazar's clutches
1/3/19 4:58 PM
Chad and Levi are given a second chance, but can they live with their new fate?
1/1/19 10:33 AM
The Cumderpants underwear brand strives to provide only the best pleasure.
12/5/18 2:04 PM
lordandmasterinlondon 11/19/18 10:27 AM
JockBoy 11/4/18 9:17 AM
Willie Cici
Greg is having thoughts. Where they came from, he does not know . . .
10/22/18 6:01 AM
David and Jake feels the effects of Brendan's wish, while Brendan enjoys Jake's newest wishes
8/29/18 1:54 PM
The compression material transforms another.
7/14/18 2:03 PM
Stroppy Author 6/4/18 1:14 AM
Lucas falls deeper into Nelson’s control
6/3/18 4:59 AM
Willie Cici 5/13/18 7:13 PM
Willie Cici
The scientist's research offers a different perspective to its test subjects and the scientist . . . .
3/25/18 4:23 AM
Hypnothrill 3/9/18 8:46 AM
Joel's gym was always a friendly place. It's about to get a lot friendlier.
3/7/18 6:51 AM
Norwegian Curse
A songwriter has too much influence on his protégé.
1/27/18 6:05 PM
Gareth's highly original scenarios continue as the final guests arrive and are shocked, (SHOCKED!), at what they find.
1/21/18 5:56 AM
A new neighbour gives some personal training to a man in need of direction.
1/8/18 5:05 PM
A domineering landlord has designs on his new tenant, and has just the tool to get what he wants...
1/3/18 4:56 PM
Gyms are often the place where wishes become reality given enough time and hard work;However, there's one in particular that seems to deliver at lightning speed.
10/2/17 8:12 PM
A domineering landlord has designs on his new tenant, and has just the tool to get what he wants...
7/10/17 2:32 PM
A cursed compression top will transform its wearer beyong his wildest dreams.
4/28/17 6:40 PM
Coach Mansell Discovers a Mysterious Substance in the Gym
3/15/17 2:10 AM
Willie Cici
Two roommates swap iPod by mistake. Only Dr. Edwards can help . . .
12/31/16 6:56 AM
Mike wakes up naked in a strange room and doesn't know how he ended up there. Can he find a way home?
8/27/16 3:23 AM
Muscular professor secretly loves to show off, but a student is clever enough to know how to exploit it
6/6/16 6:17 PM
Matt discovers that something strange is happening in the basketball team (The rest of the story.)
6/3/16 2:05 AM