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When Alan gets tired of being ignored by everybody who passes him on the street, a magical book seems to hold the answer to his problems. It holds other things, too.
7/15/20 7:57 AM
The couple spends some time together, a day before the big game.
7/13/20 6:54 PM
7897 words
When Andrew wants a little more from his friendship with his straight roommate, he concocts another plan. Things don't go as expected.
7/7/20 8:15 PM
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After an incident using magic on his roommate, Zylan finds himself quickly tempted by an unfamiliar book of spells
7/6/20 8:16 AM
The story entails how a college boy seduces and dominates the men in his life. Inpired by true events.
7/5/20 7:29 AM
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The first day of school is always the hardest.
7/3/20 10:09 AM
7687 words
Dave wants to be the perfect guy for his soulmate.
6/29/20 8:11 PM
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6/24/20 1:46 PM
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Scott takes possession of a house and gets more than he ever expected.
6/18/20 5:42 PM
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Cathal is sentenced to a trail by the gods for the death of a druidess. If he survives, he'll serve them for the rest of his life. Odhran can't bear the thought of either happening to the man he's secretly in loved for years.
6/17/20 7:27 PM