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After Mr Jones massage, Muscle model Martin has started to have vivid gay dreams, feeling confused and stressed after a workout he heads to his apartment to relax but nothing can prepare him for what he see out his window...
7/14/20 9:14 PM
Strong and Woody establish some rules for their relationship.
7/12/20 1:35 PM
Strong has an encounter with the leader of the Gym-Bunnies and learns that he HAS been implanted with a trigger...
7/11/20 11:05 AM
Adam enjoys the benefits of his new powers with Coach Joel and decides that Trent needs some additional changes.
7/4/20 2:50 PM
There's a hidden gym in the city that will turn you into your greatest fantasy.
7/2/20 9:01 PM
Adam has been having a rough time a college. Several students have conspired to make his life miserable. Then Adam has a dream in which he learns of his unique lineage. Now he has the power to steal physical and personality traits from those that have done him wrong. Where to start?
7/2/20 11:20 AM
Muscle model Martin has recently moved into Adonis Village. After an intense workout he goes back to is apartment with a sore body, However Mr Jones offers Martin a relaxing massage...
6/30/20 3:09 PM
Tim wakes up after a night of drinking and weird things start to happen.
6/30/20 5:24 AM
1705 words
Aspiring muscle model Martin can't believe his luck when he finds himself living at Adonis Village. With cheap rent, all the mod cons and good location it seems too good to be true....
6/28/20 8:38 PM
1656 words
Bart steals a wallet from his gym locker room and suffers the nerdy consequences
6/28/20 6:29 AM