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Top prize in a hypnosis story writing competition is more than expected
4/6/20 7:26 PM
Leather Asylum
Discover a thick black leather restraint device.
3/30/20 10:21 AM
A journey into being taken
3/20/20 5:53 AM
Matt gets far more than he reckoned after attending a hypnosis show
3/6/20 5:31 PM
Marcus realizes, what he really asked for, Matthew discovers the disadvantages and advantages of being a fat, old, bald man and two guys planning some revenge
2/18/20 9:04 PM
Rubber Romeo
Kevin starts writing to pass the time and finds that his fantasies are becoming real
2/17/20 2:17 PM
LeatherFreak 2/13/20 8:45 PM
Pup Don 2/4/20 5:33 AM
Alex discovers his new role
1/30/20 8:23 PM
HiddenFerret 1/11/20 12:23 PM
Our demon begins his search for his lost soul
1/10/20 8:45 AM
A slave wakes up to the reality of his world
1/9/20 5:48 AM
Pup Don
Benji and Burro try to get to the bottom of things... if only they could stop fucking long enough to do so. They also make a new friend and meet a mysterious stranger who's got some shocking news for them.
1/5/20 11:18 AM
HiddenFerret 12/15/19 12:06 PM
My life changed after meeting a leather cop
11/26/19 5:30 AM
RotherhamMan 11/16/19 8:49 AM
HiddenFerret 11/15/19 6:13 AM
Willie Cici
Jason listens to his lover's narration of how the two became lovers . . .
11/14/19 12:17 AM
Stroppy Author
An older man at a bar gets to go back and see how things might have turned out
11/11/19 10:15 AM
The Dirty Spiders
A Gay Bar owner with strange powers is redecorating his bar
11/6/19 11:28 PM
Wesley Bracken
Kyle is given a new task, after besting Richard, to prove he's the right choice for the VP position.
10/15/19 6:07 PM
The final chapter for unit Dan and the Great Leader
10/14/19 6:15 AM
Four friends check into the Allwood Hotel after a tense road trip, and find themselves unable, or unwilling, to leave.
9/23/19 9:11 AM
The Editor tries out more subtle approach, will he succeed?
9/15/19 5:57 AM
Every third Tuesday of the month at the bar is Leather Night.
9/14/19 8:59 PM
The third Tuesday of every month at the bar is Leather Night.
9/14/19 6:18 AM
Papa Werebear 9/11/19 4:51 AM
Willie Cici
Kyle and Jeff saw a man at the gym wearing a mask. What could it be?
9/9/19 4:35 PM
Mike has a big choice to make while Lenny comes clean about something
8/29/19 5:40 AM
Mike comes to terms with his identity as Big Bear and has a mind-numbing experience that'll change his life.
8/27/19 11:16 AM