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The football coach and a security officer attempt to uncover what is happening at the frat house, forcing Daddy to take matters into his own hands.
7/13/20 6:41 AM
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7/13/20 6:11 AM
2261 words
Alex's friend, Jimmy, called him to cover a double booking, a regular client . . .
7/9/20 11:55 AM
Three short stories about losing identity.
7/8/20 8:54 PM
The boys wake up following their wild party, and are introduced to their new frat daddy properly, who goes over the new house rules with them all.
7/1/20 6:12 AM
Edward's been out of town a couple weeks. When he returns, things are VERY different at the gym -- including his friends!
6/25/20 12:43 PM
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6/24/20 1:46 PM
Colin (currently in Kieron's body, so Ceerin) now has possession of the laptop once more, with the correct DNA. What willhe do to Kieron and Troy?)
6/17/20 7:45 AM
5364 words
A group of corrupt motorcycle cops are assigned to an experimental retraining program run by a strange doctor.
6/11/20 11:10 AM
6/9/20 1:10 PM