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Edward's been out of town a couple weeks. When he returns, things are VERY different at the gym -- including his friends!
6/25/20 12:43 PM
2257 words
Brett never expected to find a burglar in his salon. "Your money or your life" . . . which one did the burglar want?
6/7/20 8:03 PM
3530 words
Berto is unknowingly the subject to the power of the cards that will change his life for the better
6/4/20 10:51 AM
4/29/20 2:08 PM
Doctor Anderson pursues his experiments and finds new subjects . . .
3/31/20 4:17 PM
Leo goes to his idol's concert.
12/16/19 5:51 PM
Jimmy Swetson was wearing headphones when the music came on, so he's protected from its strange powers. But with a store full of horny men, how long can he stay safe?
12/11/19 11:16 AM
Sam does counseling with a latino plagued with self-doubt.
11/10/19 8:49 AM
A new path. Without realizing Sam makes three boys fall in love with him, what will he do when he realizes the power of his amulet?
10/21/19 10:56 AM
1225 words
Round 4 has begun and the boys experience their greatest changes yet, while the game begins to collect more power.
6/14/19 8:43 AM