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Chris was looking for Piers only to find he was kidnapped by Piers only to find his comrades under Wesker’s control. Will he set him free or become his slaves?
5/9/19 4:29 PM
Picking up where we left off, Oliver decides to join the frat and is surprised by the simple application process. However, things are never quite what they seem.
4/16/19 11:54 AM
tyl7897 3/4/19 10:24 PM
absman420 3/3/19 3:08 PM
Granite Concept
Shane and Mitchell are roommates, but they never get along. Sometimes Shane wishes his roommate could be different, and one night he casts a spell asking for just that. Little do the two men know, black magic has some dire consequences...
10/3/18 6:33 AM
Space pirates take their prisoners back to their home planet to add them to enslavement and milking machines.
9/4/17 10:07 AM
Ashley visits the barn and learns what happens to the male livestock there
1/4/17 7:05 PM
Part 2 of the Dominus series - James is put to the test as an orgy of men gangbang his controlled body.
8/4/15 1:29 AM
A young, attractive overworked lawyer finds a bar where a bartender adds his own special ingredents.
7/29/15 9:48 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers 6/12/12 8:00 PM
Two weeks after the the Transformation of the AES Jock the story continues
5/24/12 8:00 PM
ghostwriterde 4/16/12 8:00 PM
DaiGrepher 7/3/11 8:00 PM
About how 4 jocks are made to play a game
6/13/11 8:00 PM
Joey makes the bodybuilding team, only to find out Coach might have some unexpected goals for him.
3/2/11 7:00 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers 12/26/07 7:00 PM
Joe Saunders
Paul and Mark trick Simon into becoming pregnant (mpreg)
7/29/06 8:00 PM
Joey wanted big pecs, but did his doctor go too far?
1/14/06 7:00 PM