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10 strangers show up for an exclusive island vacation only to learn things aren't what they appear....
8/4/20 6:43 AM
5821 words
Ramses learns he not only has one sibling, but five, as he seeks to uncover more about the truth behind the collar, his powers and his father. However, an agent of the latter will make that difficult.
7/12/20 1:42 PM
Tiff is so pissed at Colin's DNA trap on his laptop that turned all their planned changes to Colin back onto Si who was now a thinner, small cocked sassy himbo. Was there anything she could do to help him, and what would Colin do to her if he caught her on his Chronivac enabled laptop?
6/5/20 5:08 AM
1826 words
A college student is the subject of karmic retribution
4/5/20 7:24 AM
Genie attends a college sports open day and adds a dew words to the wishes he over hears
12/13/19 7:24 AM
5550 words
Moving away to avoid his bullies, Jim ends up walking right into the lion's den. Fortunately, New York is nothing like his hometown, and things end up breaking his way in the end.
10/22/19 9:56 PM
Ramses and his new boyfriend want to spend the day relaxing with each other, but their plans are interrupted as Matt falls out with a friend, and Ramses gets followed by a mysterious stranger.
7/6/19 2:10 PM
2334 words
Grayson's pursuits find himself in troubled waters . . .
6/10/19 4:21 PM
5/23/19 5:58 PM
2833 words
4/28/19 12:19 PM