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Lusty Stallion
Genie attends a college sports open day and adds a dew words to the wishes he over hears
12/13/19 7:24 AM
Ethan White
Moving away to avoid his bullies, Jim ends up walking right into the lion's den. Fortunately, New York is nothing like his hometown, and things end up breaking his way in the end.
10/22/19 9:56 PM
Ramses and his new boyfriend want to spend the day relaxing with each other, but their plans are interrupted as Matt falls out with a friend, and Ramses gets followed by a mysterious stranger.
7/6/19 2:10 PM
Willie Cici
Grayson's pursuits find himself in troubled waters . . .
6/10/19 4:21 PM
A businessman finds his way into Kye's Store, how does Kye choose to change things to suit his desires?
5/23/19 5:58 PM
TheGrower 4/28/19 12:19 PM
Now that Billy has been taken care of, it’s Isaac’s turn to be touched by Donny’s Magic
4/4/19 9:32 AM
Donny, a modern Fey, uses his powers to teach a homophobic bully a lesson
3/17/19 8:53 AM
Willie Cici
Gino started noticing how his 'gym friends' started hooking-up . . .
2/18/19 10:55 PM
M. Greene 2/10/19 8:50 PM
M. Greene 2/10/19 12:28 PM
M. Greene 2/9/19 4:24 PM
M. Greene 2/9/19 1:12 PM
M. Greene
Be careful how you treat people...
2/6/19 2:54 PM
MasterJerker 10/22/18 10:50 AM
Stroppy Author 10/14/18 5:10 PM
Kappa Sig knows how to throw one heck of a party
9/11/18 5:35 AM
Stroppy Author 7/26/18 3:41 AM
Willie Cici
Zeke learns a valuable lesson . . .
6/16/18 3:28 PM
Willie Cici
Billy's sister invited him to her home for a pool party to celebrate her divorce . . .
7/20/17 3:29 AM
The origin is revealed from the heart and head of the college.
5/17/17 4:25 PM
Willie Cici
A plan set in motion has unexpected twists and turns . . .
3/18/17 5:02 PM
Arisone 2/8/17 4:00 AM
Willie Cici
A series of stories about a bored fallen angel . . .
6/3/16 4:20 PM
Hypno Hyde 1/29/14 7:00 PM
The curse that Xander unleashed on his frat brothers didn't end with GAY and MEN...
7/25/13 8:00 PM
Derek Williams
Davis is careful when he finds the genie of the lamp, but the genie has his own motives.
10/19/12 8:00 PM
Wesley Bracken
A young matchmaker takes revenge on the men in his family who threw him out for being gay.
7/23/12 8:00 PM
Anonymous/WIKI 11/15/11 7:00 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers
Gerald is a disgusting pervert, and when he gets unlimited wishes, he turns to the Forester family
1/26/09 7:00 PM