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Fitness Vlogger Max agrees to spend two weeks trying the new workout supplement everyone is raving about...
3/24/19 11:56 AM
The high school football team turns into a gay fuck fest around the unsuspecting Mason. Can he solve the mystery of the teen muscle sex zombies and stay unaffected?
3/19/19 10:01 PM
tyl7897 3/4/19 10:24 PM
A group of young businessmen get a special rate at a very special hotel. But they're about to discover the hidden costs...
3/4/19 6:12 PM
tyl7897 3/3/19 9:11 PM
JR_Sagger 3/2/19 6:07 PM
TickledPink 2/26/19 12:34 PM
Ayyy 2/13/19 5:35 PM
Three friends at a music festival stumble into a very special photobooth. You choose what happens next.
2/10/19 12:29 PM
lordandmasterinlondon 1/25/19 2:08 AM
Willie Cici 1/24/19 9:47 PM
buzzboy18 1/20/19 8:05 AM
Danny becomes desperate to satisfy his needs, and resorts to drastic measures.
1/16/19 9:02 AM
Casey hates his step dad. He's co controlling! But maybe he's been a bit close-minded about all this...
1/7/19 2:39 AM
firesix 1/5/19 9:55 PM
Razz TFs 1/4/19 8:00 AM
Matt hits the sauna after a workout with his friend, Dave, but the musky steam starts to make his head spin.
12/28/18 1:37 AM
PaisaGringo 12/22/18 7:43 PM
SneakyT 12/16/18 11:31 AM
SneakyT 12/16/18 11:24 AM
PaisaGringo 12/14/18 3:38 PM
Our former executive wakes up to even more alterations in his life, but he's questioning the changes less.
12/12/18 7:09 AM
Gareth Masters is ready for his debut Blokes Go Barmy shoot.
12/6/18 6:35 PM
In the locker room showers, a new vessel for Coach's will is born
12/4/18 5:29 AM
JR_Sagger 12/2/18 9:23 PM
Willie Cici
Cooper's honeymoon in Hawaii takes a turn . . . on the beach . . .
11/30/18 4:47 PM
Marcus takes 'control'. Alex programs Marcus friends. He also gives his slave a new (temporary) fetish.
11/25/18 10:33 AM
Elan Musk
Joey finds his big bro's sweaty jockstrap in the hamper and can't resist taking a little whiff
11/24/18 5:21 PM
Stroppy Author
A College Football player receives special attention
11/24/18 8:49 AM 11/23/18 11:54 PM