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abracadabra923 12/13/19 3:56 PM
An emo wants to turn the tables on his bully, and turn him into his obedient rubber pup. It works at first but things go a bit off plan.
12/13/19 3:55 PM
abracadabra923 12/10/19 8:25 PM
Dylan and Josh's decision to visit a new store in town ruins them.
12/10/19 5:42 PM
Lytcom 12/10/19 5:23 AM
A Voyeur Fan
Unbeknownst to this rich, spoiled lacrosse player, my nanobots have the power to make him a submissive bottom boy
12/9/19 12:11 PM
abracadabra923 12/8/19 12:54 PM
abracadabra923 12/6/19 11:49 AM
abracadabra923 12/4/19 7:22 AM
Jake a former college Jock agrees to go to work for Mr. JJ. What the worst that could happen.
12/3/19 9:20 AM
The Fate of Desire
Jake Rivers has it all: good looks, money, fame... unless a strange text from an unknown number has anything to say about that, of course.
12/1/19 9:02 AM
Drake Nightstorm
Coby had become the high school gym teacher and coach of the football and wrestling team. He used to go to that high school once upon a time and was the target of bullying and humiliation by his still rival Victor.
11/29/19 6:56 PM
Lytcom 11/23/19 8:19 AM
Tyrol 11/21/19 11:12 AM
Pine starts his first day at college with a new friend, new jocks to enslave... Oh, and a new power, too!
11/19/19 6:48 AM
Ashton and Oliver explore the powers of the Remote of Desire on their own sexual relationship, until they are discovered and have to pivot quickly.
11/17/19 12:28 PM
Derek Williams
Justin gets hired as a photographer for a new lifestyle brand. From 9 AM to 6 PM, he’s immersed in the lifestyle. Soon, it starts popping up outside the office.
11/17/19 12:25 PM
A young man gives into his most private desires with the assistance of a cursed tank top.
11/12/19 5:04 PM
One man's dream job is another man's nightmare.
11/6/19 5:55 AM
sb jb mc 11/5/19 5:28 AM
Hiswishes 11/3/19 2:22 PM
Willie Cici
My sister brought home a new boyfriend. I couldn't believe my eyes . . .
11/1/19 9:05 PM
A new "character" is used this time around
11/1/19 4:59 PM
Ethan goes to his first camp after joining the scouts. There he finds an artifact that may help him make his summer much more interesting.
10/30/19 5:52 AM
sb jb mc
Sam & Tommy from the Pizza Boy Series went to begin the invasion of the Kappa Omega frat. They are starting with the head of the frat.
10/24/19 4:28 AM
Gerbil-Bee 10/22/19 2:46 PM
Kyle Chu and Brainiax
Part two of Mike's four phase plan. Mike decides to step up his programming and pays special attention on Brad.
10/22/19 8:10 AM
A new path. Without realizing Sam makes three boys fall in love with him, what will he do when he realizes the power of his amulet?
10/21/19 10:56 AM
In the story conclusion, Pine starts the last stage of his plan.
10/16/19 10:20 AM
Pine finally discovers why the jocks where bullying him so often, and takes care of the problem.
10/14/19 6:10 AM