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8/7/20 9:31 AM
8/1/20 10:48 AM
Three friends on a roadtrip spend the night in the small Southern town of Dicksburg. Will they ever want to leave?
7/26/20 2:09 PM
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7/13/20 11:04 AM
25 year old Simeon has just finished work out in the gym. Little does this straight masculine bodybuilder know that he has already fallen prey to an older gay man and Simeon will soon submit his muscle body to the gentlemen's lustful desires
6/27/20 8:39 PM
3598 words
While working out, Andre gradually becomes aware that he is not alone. Someone is there, watching him sweat. Someone whose cock commands Andre's focus like nothing ever has before. Changing him into the boy he was meant to be.
6/15/20 5:27 AM
5978 words
Captain America, Winter Soldier, Falcon, and War Machine are enjoying a relaxing day on the beach. Unbeknownst to them Mysterio has decided to test some new tech. He decides to have some fun but things go further than he ever imagined.
6/9/20 4:57 AM
Tiff is so pissed at Colin's DNA trap on his laptop that turned all their planned changes to Colin back onto Si who was now a thinner, small cocked sassy himbo. Was there anything she could do to help him, and what would Colin do to her if he caught her on his Chronivac enabled laptop?
6/5/20 5:08 AM
3530 words
6/4/20 10:51 AM
5/29/20 9:29 AM