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Grant Spiral 3/24/20 10:41 PM
The zaitars proceed to phase 2 where every young male earth child Will be taken to the zaitar spaceship to be taken over and brainwashed they will become members of the junior zaitar assassin squad
1/15/20 10:11 AM
Terinas Tiger 12/29/19 10:17 AM
A man is infected with a curse that turns him into a horny redneck every full moon.
10/19/19 9:54 PM
transformheaven 8/28/19 9:44 PM
Trucked out to the desert by the last remaining women, Derek falls prey to a man with an unexpected configuration.
8/25/19 11:55 AM
KickIt 1/19/19 8:06 AM
When Mike comes back to his hostel room, he finds the guys there now seem strangely lethargic...
1/6/19 9:17 AM
When Mike comes back to his hostel room, he finds the guys there now seem strangely lethargic...
1/3/19 9:42 AM
Matt hits the sauna after a workout with his friend, Dave, but the musky steam starts to make his head spin.
12/28/18 1:37 AM
There is panic throughout the nation as people suddenly turn into big, jolly Santas. The story follows a man attempting to safely return home before he becomes a horny, gay Father Christmas.
12/24/18 5:22 PM
With a new virus on the rise that effects dick size, Sam doesn't think much of it. However, after what he assumes is a prank, he quickly reconsiders what he think he knows about 'being thirsty'.
12/21/18 10:39 PM
Lenny can't resist his otherworldly overlords desires for long. While out for lunch, a prime host arises, and Lenny must use the abilities given to him to subdue the object of his overlords desires.
11/23/18 7:04 PM
Heru Kane
There is a disease rapidly spreading that seems to target gay men and women and leaves them changed and enhanced in body and mind. A college nerd has been infected, and his life will never be the same. In fact, neither will that of his two roommates.
7/25/18 8:13 PM
On a distant planet, an away team encounter an alien microbe...
6/8/18 3:44 AM
A man returns home and isn't feeling too well, it appears he might be coming down with something...
12/2/17 9:21 AM
the guardsman
E4QRS4G is a space marine, he is tasked with keeping space clean.
8/30/17 10:35 AM
The Drone is Attacked by the Female of the Species
6/30/17 8:21 PM
Caedmon's Cock
The boy I met on Grindr sent me the most wonderful package in the mail. I'm glad we both have a thing for sexy underwear.
6/27/17 3:43 AM
The drone visits a gay bar where it commences converting men into drones
6/19/17 9:20 PM
Straight transforms to gay rubber drone after infection
5/28/17 10:42 PM
An all-male crew brings something back from a strange planet...
4/14/17 1:49 PM
Thomas' friend offers him a smoothie that will change
4/11/17 9:06 PM
Noah's a little stressed and needs a massage
3/21/17 9:31 PM
Tom can't figure out why his coworkers and friends are in such a good mood. Or why it seems infectious...
1/24/17 4:34 AM