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Willie Cici
Josh listened to the soothing, calming words of a guru . . . with a website . . .
2/14/18 10:25 PM
the guardsman
Canadian Army Captian Simon Martin was inducted against his will into the Guard, Europe’s rubber clad security force. His own embassy betrayed him. Now a Canadian Magazine is supplied with details of his service. This transcripts should be kept away from small children.
Category missing
10/4/17 5:23 PM
Jon talks his friend Alex into joining a free training session at a very special gym...
6/12/17 11:43 AM
The instructors start telling people about the Guard and what it takes to be a Guardsman
Category missing
9/3/16 1:28 PM
A new employee strange job has him harvesting innocent men.
1/26/16 5:56 PM
A superhero follows the trail of clues laid out before him-- and then he loses it.
9/22/15 2:37 AM
A young officer cadet stumbles upon the secret that is the PTI
Category missing
9/12/15 3:56 AM
Mr. Phillips undergoes training.
7/19/11 8:00 PM
Jack Conoff
Still very curious about the new roommate.
Category missing Insufficient Tags
11/18/10 7:00 PM
The death of his friend sets a military man on a road toward secrets best left untouched.
11/17/10 7:00 PM
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