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The detective learns more about the men that have taken him.
2/1/19 4:07 PM
Lenny can't resist his otherworldly overlords desires for long. While out for lunch, a prime host arises, and Lenny must use the abilities given to him to subdue the object of his overlords desires.
11/23/18 7:04 PM
The mystery of Deck's missing week during orientation is revealed.
1/9/17 1:41 PM
Deck decides to infiltrate the inner workings of his squad.
1/6/17 8:54 PM
After receiving his implant, Deck completes his orientation at the Training Facility.
1/2/17 3:38 PM
Deck arrives at the Training Facility and begins his orientation.
1/2/17 6:52 AM
the guardsman
Sam signs up for training to become a Guardsman.
Category missing
8/5/16 9:25 AM
Andreas accepts a plea bargain with strict and inviolable terms.
1/26/15 11:50 PM
Three men are trapped inside a house as their home is invaded by unknown creatures.
11/1/13 8:00 PM