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2149 words
Sometimes a bet gives you some extra cash, other times it gives you a spectacular night
6/28/20 6:48 AM
2522 words
A series of raunchy tales around a landlord with a very dirty mind.
6/12/20 5:27 AM
The Creator of the Machine suggests an implant that will allow you to carry a part of its physical control over you with you wherever you go.
6/10/20 5:15 AM
Kit's friend Asim tries to convince Kit to give Chuck a chance. Meanwhile, Ben from my CBT series makes a guest appearance.
5/26/20 12:15 PM
Kit has a way with his hands, which propelled both his personal life and his career as a massage therapist. Can a neurotactile implant bring both his personal kinks and professional life together, in a way that saves his spa and makes everyone happy?
5/24/20 6:36 PM
5954 words
Hugh doesn't get to go home with his crush at the bar, but finds a consolation prize instead--someone who needs his help desperately, but doesn't know it yet.
5/23/20 10:17 PM
5272 words
Hugh wakes up to discover horns growing out of his head. He finds that he can now help people in ways they never thought possible--and he might help himself along the way too.
5/23/20 7:30 AM
4349 words
A day in the life of a married couple that loves hypnosis. Watch as they play and help each other.
5/20/20 5:53 PM
Nathan continues his internal struggle, while Lane is returned to the school.
5/11/20 11:15 PM
2346 words
Coming from his guilt trip the night before, Noah found something that may help him feel less guilty.
5/9/20 4:36 PM