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[Rewritten Version Of The Story "Master's New Pet"] A new year rolls around at Charter's College in California, and life couldn't be more boring for a Junior like Adrien. That is until a new, powerful student threatens to upset his routine, and take control of every part of his life. Including his mind.
4/4/20 9:23 AM
Josh Slater
Kyle's room mate Code suddenly becomes very controlling.
4/3/20 4:20 PM
Mind In A Box
It's my first time... But I'm nervous. How am I supposed to know what to do?
4/3/20 5:36 AM
Thomas has a boring life controlled by his parents. He seeks help and gets more than he wanted - or just exactly what he needed?
4/2/20 5:32 AM
Cyclops 4/2/20 5:32 AM
A high school senior notices that the new student is different after winter break
4/1/20 9:58 AM
Benny wants to be a bull, but gets more than he bargained for in the process. (Story inspired by a kindred spirit.)
4/1/20 5:12 AM
Tom Gungy
When the world is taken over by an evil mastermind with a diaper fetish, only one man (might maybe) be able to stop him: Bryson Ryder, Rebellion Leader.
3/31/20 12:46 PM
Brad joins the others in the gym. And progresses.
3/30/20 9:26 PM
Donovan awaits a long-awaited public announcement, while his friend Dingo remains on the fence
3/30/20 2:25 PM
Mark, Jeremy, SE9168 and BT5365 embrace their new lives as rubber drones, and experience several changes.
3/30/20 5:31 AM
A guy gained a mind control power... you know the rest so why bother summarizing? (Asians Oriented)
3/29/20 1:24 PM
Brad is recruited. His longing for hypnosis, rubber, spandex, and muscle is just a coincidence. Right?
3/29/20 10:48 AM
Willie Cici
Joey was going down a road he had never experienced . . .
3/29/20 10:40 AM
Paul arranges a meeting to get hypnotised
3/29/20 9:12 AM
Josh Slater
A man rents out rooms in his house as dorm rooms, with a small little requirement in return.
3/28/20 10:33 AM
Julio Montejo
Look at the spiral. Release the beast within you! You will become my sex toy.
3/27/20 10:53 PM
Julio Montejo
¡Mira la espiral y no pienses! Deja tu voluntad atrás... eres mío.
3/27/20 10:53 PM
Slave Abdamelek
An exceptional young man seems to be publishing a story series online about an ancient Pharaoh's resurrection and his Army. But fantasy soon gives way to a surprising reality and deep-rooted desires may be fulfilled.
3/26/20 9:48 PM
Grant Spiral 3/24/20 10:41 PM
Jeremy lives out his first day as a drone and Mark can't help but feel a little envious
3/24/20 5:35 PM
Kevin gets the man of his dreams
3/22/20 9:38 AM
A view from the other side
3/20/20 5:47 PM
A journey into being taken
3/20/20 5:53 AM
Dean Winchester is missing. Sam has spent weeks stressed out and trying to find the whereabouts of his brother. Having taken refuge in a small town, a loving gentleman teaches him the benefits of relaxation in such stressful times...
3/19/20 12:12 AM
Willie Cici
A series of short stories about men stuck on the road and what happens to them . . .
3/18/20 3:49 PM
The supernatural hunting Winchester brothers meet their match in a nefarious gentlemen, with an affinity for seduction and moulding minds
3/18/20 6:17 AM
The Dirty Spiders
A online stranger interferes in the life of a man in a downward spiral.
3/17/20 2:48 PM
Mind In A Box
A bad Master must be put in his place before bothering with his slave.
3/15/20 9:40 PM
Danny and Thomas get closer, but it's time for a change
3/10/20 9:46 PM