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2374 words
Trey had a deep-seeded fear. His dorm mate, Jared suggestion yoga and meditation . . .
7/9/20 12:03 PM
Strong meets the Physician overseeing his treatment -- and his programming?
7/9/20 11:46 AM
7897 words
When Andrew wants a little more from his friendship with his straight roommate, he concocts another plan. Things don't go as expected.
7/7/20 8:15 PM
Author Hidden
7/7/20 3:05 PM
1607 words
As usual the frat house gives a prank birthday gift.
7/6/20 6:04 AM
A young swimmer visits a sports therapist and unwittingly becomes his slave. A commissioned story in two parts.
7/6/20 6:02 AM
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Construction worker Răzvan demonstrates his actual skills to a young man.
7/6/20 6:01 AM
Recovering from being totally mind-fucked. WTF does he have planned...
7/5/20 7:24 AM
10445 words
An almost perfect weekend doesn't end quite as Roger had hoped.
7/4/20 5:36 PM
Carter finds a lead to his lost friends but finds more than he bargained for.
7/4/20 5:55 AM