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A forgotten command takes action as more is revealed to Noah
5/15/20 4:30 PM
Coming from his guilt trip the night before, Noah found something that may help him feel less guilty.
5/9/20 4:36 PM
Philip is a hardworking farmer on the land owned by the overbearing Rody. Only he doesn’t know what Rody has up his sleeves.
5/6/20 7:35 PM
More is revealed about the security system as Noah experiments with the effects on his neighbor.
5/5/20 6:58 AM
A company has a unique way to protect its computers, What happens when an employee installs it on his computer and is accidentally activated by his neighbor?
5/1/20 4:51 PM
Kevin encounters an artifact from outer space and learns of its inhabitant's intentions.
4/29/20 2:10 PM
A new Mission President comes to the Sierra Leone Freetown mission. The young President already coming up with a new change to the mission, and a way to control the missionaries.
4/9/20 9:37 PM
The gym has a Reality Enhancer machine to help dudes maximize their workouts, but today it has a glitch. Whenever someone says "No homo," whoever they're saying it to becomes a tiny bit--well, homo. How will the glitch affect the patrons' workouts?
1/9/20 5:43 AM
A businessman finds his way into Kye's Store, how does Kye choose to change things to suit his desires?
5/23/19 5:58 PM
Asher takes on Marcus's case and learns more about the TGH along the way
4/21/19 11:41 AM