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A puny nerd slowly takes his sport jock roommate’s free will with his pheromones before taking his muscles too !
5/26/20 9:06 PM
Hugh is growing more powerful, and he knows what he wants--first though, he needs to get rid of someone standing in his way. He'll help him too though, even if he doesn't want it.
5/25/20 1:25 PM
Dr. Taron Burns has to teach a second year liberal arts course in order to satisfy the terms of his tenure. This year, he's talking about gender roles and how they help and hinder progress in broader human society. Only, something strange is happening: his class is shrinking. He doesn't know what to make of the jockboys that stay in his class, but the way they look at him is _distracting_.
5/23/20 8:55 PM
At the end of a session, your Master brings you home and you act on your training, reliving your time in the Machine.
5/23/20 7:31 AM
5/22/20 9:31 PM
5/21/20 5:26 PM
Friend tries to use a show to hypnotize his straight buddy. But if that fails he has a trick up his sleeve.
5/20/20 9:20 PM
5/20/20 5:52 PM
El decides to abuse a coupon code that promises to take "20% off". He keeps stacking the coupon until there's nearly nothing left!
5/20/20 5:30 AM
5/19/20 5:37 PM