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8/10/20 8:29 PM
I have to deliver a strip tease, made worse by the panties, then I have a 'date' with Chris's feet
8/5/20 10:11 PM
8/2/20 7:46 AM
In the aftermath of his weekend with Daddy, Mike struggles to come to terms with his new piggish urges.
7/22/20 4:40 PM
5732 words
A thief in a Dragon's hoard must always be on guard for traps and dragons. Unfortunately, this hoard comes with a fairly unique defense. This is my first posted work, please give me feedback!
7/19/20 9:14 AM
After taking a mysterious supplement, Eric has a weird day at the gym.
7/17/20 4:47 PM
The football coach and a security officer attempt to uncover what is happening at the frat house, forcing Daddy to take matters into his own hands.
7/13/20 6:41 AM
Author Hidden
After attending a Shakespeare in the Park show, a mortal runs afoul of the Fair folk and his closest friend seeks to help him.
7/12/20 3:25 PM
Straight bodybuilder/fitness trainer Eric gets sponsored by a mysterious supplement company called Himbo Boost.
7/12/20 8:24 AM
4219 words
A rude young man learns a lesson about treating people with respect.
7/12/20 8:22 AM