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This is a RP (roleplay game) turned into history that we have written a friend and me. Mowgli decides to escape from the wolf pack and start a new life, but he will meet the naga Kaa and his plans will take another course.
10/21/19 10:57 AM
Aztec 10/19/19 9:58 PM
Vincent tries pitching a working voodoo doll to his very skeptical boss.
10/17/19 8:03 PM
Max Potter 10/15/19 4:29 AM
Max Potter 10/15/19 4:28 AM
When a stranger moves into town it begins to change the life of Sergeant Hall and everyone around him.
10/14/19 9:12 PM
Wesley Bracken
Two men find themselves competing for a new VP slot under their company's eccentric new CEO.
10/9/19 9:15 PM
Drake Nightstorm
A waiter encounters two patrons that are the worse. Homophobic and downright rude to him all because he is gay. This isn't the first time that this kind of person has come into the restaurant, but it will be the last time these two come it as they are.
10/9/19 2:06 PM
Max Potter 10/5/19 3:58 PM
Max Potter 10/5/19 7:40 AM
A Voyeur Fan
Unbeknownst to this cocky, well-hung swimmer, my nanobots have the power to cut him down to size.
10/1/19 7:42 PM
Officer Randy Wilson is about to have his life turned upside down with a call to break up a crazy party. Say goodbye to the badge but don't worry, he'll keep the handcuffs. ;-)
9/29/19 12:48 AM
Max Potter 9/26/19 6:42 AM
Max Potter 9/26/19 6:41 AM
You Wish!
Even when things are starting to look up, Bill just can't catch a break.
9/23/19 7:55 AM
A Voyeur Fan 9/22/19 7:42 AM
Nicky Noxville
Mark heads home to face his father and brother and finally gets what he both fears and desires.
9/20/19 6:51 AM
Max Potter 9/20/19 6:51 AM
Max Potter 9/20/19 6:50 AM
A Voyeur Fan 9/19/19 5:32 PM
Lytcom 9/19/19 3:25 PM
A Voyeur Fan
With Jimmy drugged and immobilized, the two paramedics finish off the first round of alterations to Jimmy's body.
9/18/19 5:18 PM
Pledge gets way more than he bargained for when he gets transformed into a submissive pie stooge by the most notorious fraternity on campus.
9/17/19 7:35 PM
Agents Henderson, Cooper and Hollis are sent to investigate a new super power in Iran, but things quickly reveal themselves to be not quite right.
9/14/19 8:58 PM
Lytcom 9/7/19 6:28 AM
A young man is kidnapped and turned into a slave
9/5/19 3:48 PM
Wesley Bracken
A young man caught in an abusive relationship is given a chance to take control, when some clothes follow him home.
9/5/19 4:18 AM
The owner of a Cape Cod bed & breakfast has fun with his male guests
9/1/19 8:59 PM
All about the eyes
Brendan's friend comes to visit, but so do his brother's friends.
8/28/19 9:44 PM
Wesley Bracken
The King has been captured and faces the new Emperor--who will crown him with a new, more fitting, title.
8/27/19 5:49 PM