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Woodrow Writes 10/7/19 6:16 AM
Happy Endings
A young man down on his luck decides to answer a job advertisement for a houseboy position.
9/26/19 6:41 AM
Derek Williams
When Evan can't find a job after college, his career counsellor helps him into a different track.
9/25/19 7:46 AM
Woodrow Writes 8/15/19 6:34 AM
Willie Cici
Grayson's pursuits find himself in troubled waters . . .
6/10/19 4:21 PM
Ryan decided to take advantage of the most famous people in town!
6/19/18 12:15 PM
Willie Cici
Doctor Goodwin's client has a problem with his therapy . . .
6/30/17 6:09 AM