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3327 words
Top prize in a hypnosis story writing competition is more than expected
4/6/20 7:26 PM
I learn of what is to become of me in my struggle for freedom.
2/15/20 7:45 AM
2/15/20 7:45 AM
My nightmare becomes a reality, as I try to discover what is happening to me.
2/8/20 8:34 AM
2/8/20 8:34 AM
A scientist utilizing a piece of technology has a sinister plan for a man in his area.
2/2/20 8:30 PM
My life is altered when I find myself subject to the machinations of another man.
2/2/20 8:28 PM
1595 words
Drone is the hot new men's clothing brand. Today it activates.
3/12/18 4:41 PM
4884 words
12/30/17 1:19 PM
12/27/17 8:22 PM