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Michael and Ned learn the difficulties of quarantining an incubus.
5/27/20 5:53 PM
Hugh wakes up to discover horns growing out of his head. He finds that he can now help people in ways they never thought possible--and he might help himself along the way too.
5/23/20 7:30 AM
Bauarbeiter Răzvan demonstriert einem jungen Mann, worin seine Fähigkeiten eigentlich bestehen.
5/22/20 9:30 PM
The demon of lust appears to Sam, with a very unique offer.
5/14/20 5:24 AM
Possessed by a sexual poltergeist, the man cruises a lit gay neighborhood to be used and screwed with.
5/13/20 9:45 AM
5/8/20 5:48 AM
A horny ghost makes his way into a house and spots himself a hot guy to possess.
4/25/20 9:22 AM
Nick takes a vacation in Kingsbury Harbor, hoping to find a better version of himself. Inspired by screamingmoist's patreon story.
3/21/20 6:49 AM
2/17/20 8:27 PM
The good reverend Mikael Cain is not at all as "good" as his title implies. The head of a mega-church and the associated media empire, he revels in the abuse of the power he holds over his vulnerable flock. An encounter with an eager devotee changes the trajectory of his life irrevocably.
12/1/19 11:00 AM