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Hassan returns to his father's home to assume control . . .
5/19/20 6:27 AM
Mitch has mind control powers and after taking care of his fellow jocks, he sets his eyes on taking care of the faculty’s woes with empathy, camaraderie, and lots of gay sex.
4/23/20 4:20 PM
And for Lance, another day begins.
1/30/20 6:13 PM
Gruff is owner of many slaves but still one himself and enslaving more all the time.
6/8/19 10:51 AM
3/31/19 3:45 PM
Out of nowhere, a horny virus manifested itself into the video game world, desperate for some action.
3/4/19 4:40 AM
3/3/19 7:14 PM
2/16/19 2:19 PM
11/3/18 10:04 PM
Luke joins Lusta Academy, an all boys college dedicated to encouraging human and supernatural co-existence. Being able to see the supernatural Luke immediately becomes the target of many of it’s local residents including various supernatural entities who will do anything to ensure Luke stays theirs.
10/18/17 12:57 AM