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Ethan White
There's more to be afraid of on All Hallows' Eve than the dark. When a distant world's Hall of Heroes falls, Corey Cooper comes face to face with a malevolence that even he cannot overcome.
11/1/19 8:41 AM
jockedguy 10/27/19 6:39 PM
jockedguy 10/27/19 6:39 PM
Four young vandals learn that it's bad luck to destroy jack o'lanterns on Halloween.
10/15/18 6:02 PM
The exciting conclusion to the Halloween fun.
11/13/17 3:26 AM
Time for the second act of Coach's Halloween evening. Who will be the participants and what will they be doing.
11/5/17 10:32 PM
Halloween has finally arrived and Coach Greene has everything prepared for a wicked night with his special jocks.
10/30/17 3:06 AM
M. Greene
We are more in touch with the dead on All Hallow's Eve...
10/27/17 5:37 PM
Nicky Noxville
Hunter and Bryant go out for their last year of Trick or Treating before college, forgoing the large party being thrown at the Euphrates building. But is it safe, especially with all the rumors of boys disappearing?
10/10/17 7:48 AM
Wesley Bracken 7/7/11 8:00 PM
Project 09 + NCMC readers
You should never ever anger a witch or you might become your disguise - but there
7/25/09 8:00 PM