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Stephen begins to notice some unusual behavior from his fraternity brothers...
12/27/19 5:52 AM
Marcus has settled into his new dorm with his roommates Heath and Justin. Hes just been handed a new pill to take for the first night. Let the changes begin!
12/14/19 7:48 PM
The development of men into Daddies and twinks may be more controlled than you might think.
12/1/19 5:31 PM
A Voyeur Fan
With Jimmy drugged and immobilized, the two paramedics finish off the first round of alterations to Jimmy's body.
9/18/19 5:18 PM
A Voyeur Fan
Jimmy's body is dosed with a special serum to prepare him for his new role in life
9/17/19 3:19 PM
A young man is caught shop-lifting. The shop detective has some special ways to punish bad boys
7/23/19 5:47 AM
An ordinary man has some extraordinary fantasies. He know they will never come true, but can you be sure?
7/9/19 10:55 AM
An arrogant pricks wants to visit the newest gay attraction in town. It really is a hell of a place
6/30/19 10:52 PM
Willie Cici
Iago accepts an invitation to witness and participate in his friend's tribal coming-of-age ritual . . .
4/15/19 8:53 PM
Baldwizzard 3/29/19 3:37 PM
Willie Cici
Jared experiences a spiritual awakening . . .
3/26/19 5:30 AM
Willie Cici
Alex's girlfriend sends him on a errand . . .
2/18/19 10:55 PM
Broken-hearted, a man makes a Tinder account. Unexpected changes occur as he realizes his sexuality.
1/23/19 8:48 AM
A young warlock exacts revenge on his former friend who stole his fiancee.
12/31/18 1:13 AM
Razz TFs
The demon Razzor installs a magical app on his human lover Derek's phone, after having his dick shrunken down to nothing. Derek's idea of payback involves a much slower plan, starting with some size-swapping and eventually some chastity.
12/3/18 1:58 PM
M. Greene 11/24/18 9:19 AM
ChaoticDjinn 11/18/18 12:35 AM
A Labor day visit from my momchanged my life drastically just as I turned 25 and the QB living above me unwitingly helps me perfect my family's recipes.
9/23/18 12:21 AM
Scott finds himself in a new reality, and quickly learns the seriousness of his predicament.
8/1/18 2:08 AM
Anonymous 9/4/17 11:35 PM
Anonymous 8/28/17 10:06 AM
Taylor didn't believe all the political hype out there about LGBT rights being taken away. For Taylor, he was just fine living the simple jock life with his accepting roommate Zack.
2/3/17 12:10 AM
Jamie finds his purpose in life
12/12/16 5:45 PM
Lucas encounters a magical object leading to a new path in life for him and his roommate
8/30/16 5:55 AM
Mick Neil
Part 2, of 2, of the flashback to how Carlos is turned from the owner's weakling nephew into the company's cocky personal trainer.
7/10/16 4:52 PM
A prison is transferred to a high-tech research lab to begin his rehabilitation.
1/26/16 9:07 PM
Vince waits for his college acceptance letter. Overnight, Dexter, another guy living down the street, gets his hands on something that allows him to warp reality. Vince, and everyone else, will never be the same.
12/30/15 4:02 PM
Cris Kane
A benevolent shapeshifter hitches a ride with a redneck in need of a change.
4/16/15 5:18 PM
Cris Kane
A straight actor preparing to audition for a gay role receives help getting into character from his gay friend and a couple of magic rings.
7/14/14 1:35 AM
Mike and Nate begin their first battery of tests.
3/29/14 4:49 PM