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PreppifiedGuy 4/21/19 11:50 AM
PreppifiedGuy 3/30/19 5:38 PM
Baldwizzard 3/29/19 3:37 PM
An office security guard gets a feel for cop fantasies
2/17/19 6:53 PM
M. Greene 2/2/19 9:05 PM
The barber gets an apprentice, but he needs a change of style first
1/22/19 10:02 PM
buzzboy18 1/20/19 8:05 AM
Cris Kane
A chance encounter with a punk rocker results in unexpected changes for a fussy, vain yuppie.
1/5/19 4:54 AM
Dan's flatmate is impressed with his new clothes. On his first day of work, Dan arrives looking a little untidy.
12/28/18 2:07 PM
Derek Williams
Social media giant Bumblr revised its community guidelines. Vince and I had our lives corrected to conform.
12/7/18 1:35 AM
PaisaGringo 12/3/18 1:51 AM
PaisaGringo 12/2/18 12:17 PM
Cris Kane
As the second day of their honeymoon begins, Charles and Derek experience new changes.
10/4/18 5:58 AM
Flattop 9/19/18 9:39 PM
Cesar's barbershop opens and he meets someone from his former life.
3/25/18 10:09 PM
The arrangement develops but it's not all business
2/28/18 9:08 PM
The lovely story of a hurt leg and a haircut
12/15/17 3:33 AM
Happy Endings
Aaron decides to put Mr. Glasman to the test. He'll expose the man for the phony he is!
9/24/17 6:12 AM
Anonymous 8/28/17 10:06 AM
Going to a new barber can prove hazardous to your look.
7/27/17 7:11 AM
Potentialsinner 7/22/17 6:38 AM
Willie Cici
Tom needs a hair cut. He gets a lot more . . .
6/28/17 5:03 PM
A high school senior finds his purpose in a Barber Shop
5/15/17 7:00 AM
The architect started a new job and got an haircut on his journey to become a real man.
4/17/17 6:05 AM
Arisone 2/8/17 4:00 AM
Tank has to hire some new employees, and finds potential in two of them
2/7/17 2:45 PM
The tired CEO gets more conditioning and introduces others to the special treatments of 'the men's room'
2/2/17 5:53 PM
Cris Kane
After attempting to apologize to his girlfriend, Scott is shanghaied to a drama department party, where he doesn't recognize anyone but starts to make friends.
1/27/17 4:29 AM
A stressed CEO gets a deeply relaxing haircut
1/22/17 8:14 PM
A man at the end of his rope seeks purpose, when it walks into his life in a small diner in Texas
11/18/16 12:39 PM