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13455 words
As the RA of the 6th floor of Frederickson Hall, Matt has a number of responsibilities. Thankfully, one of his residents informs him of how he can better help his floor.
6/5/20 12:47 AM
1590 words
Spencer heads home from his strange encounter with Alan, Colossal Clothing's mysterious and hot owner. He has gotten a new t-shirt to bring home, its magic granting great and fascinating changes to Spencer's body.
5/30/20 12:53 AM
1995 words
Spencer is just your average post-college graduate, down on his luck and working a dead-end job. When he runs across a magical clothing store that changes him in ways he never could of expected he learns there is more out there to experience and with the help of the sexy and cute store owner he finds exactly what he is looking for.
5/29/20 5:28 PM
5775 words
3/15/20 4:27 AM
4864 words
3/14/20 9:02 AM
2713 words
A bartender makes Sam and Tony’s lives better.
3/9/20 12:59 PM
7/30/19 4:46 PM
3746 words
A college kid gets a hair cut he will never forget...or never remember. (Dirty story not for everyone)
7/9/19 5:14 PM
Blake just came out. Straight bro's Tucker and Jeff take him to his first gay bar.
11/28/18 6:18 AM
David and Brendan finish their workout, Zach makes his case
9/11/18 5:42 AM