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PinkRod 7/30/19 4:46 PM
A college kid gets a hair cut he will never forget...or never remember. (Dirty story not for everyone)
7/9/19 5:14 PM
here4hairymen 4/21/19 11:54 AM
Derek Williams
Blake just came out. Straight bro's Tucker and Jeff take him to his first gay bar.
11/28/18 6:18 AM
David and Brendan finish their workout, Zach makes his case
9/11/18 5:42 AM
A young catholic man strays from the right path and wants absolution through confession and penance
8/8/18 1:41 PM
Stroppy Author 7/29/18 10:01 PM
You all know what happens when playing with viruses. This one just happens to deal with 2 mens journey in the lab in the days before disaster (of sorts anyway)
5/12/18 11:10 AM
The lovely story of a hurt leg and a haircut
12/15/17 3:33 AM
Going to a new barber can prove hazardous to your look.
7/27/17 7:11 AM
Potentialsinner 7/22/17 6:38 AM
Hypnothrill 2/10/17 4:56 AM
A stressed CEO gets a deeply relaxing haircut
1/22/17 8:14 PM
Dutchutch 4/8/16 10:23 PM
Dutchutch 4/7/16 6:58 PM
Growing Geek
Mario downloads a new app to help with his bodybuilding contest prep. But not long after he starts to change...
6/27/15 7:26 PM
A college student goes ape for a guy he meets at the bar.
5/29/15 6:24 PM
Eric doesn't remember when he agreed to getting his head shaved. But the stranger holding him won't take no for an answer.
7/12/14 10:46 AM
Jose a ladies man gets a surprise during his normal work out routine
7/24/13 8:00 PM
Power lawyers meets a model & begins a journey to become a swishy receptionist at a fashion magaz
2/4/13 7:00 PM
An innocent teen gets trapped in a carnival fun house, one that won't leave him the way he entered.
12/24/12 7:00 PM
Josh goes to the barber only to discover he is not a college kid but a Scottish bear.
4/30/12 8:00 PM
Joey B
Richie transforms into a blonde twink with the help of his neighbor
3/28/12 8:00 PM
Martin is a religious fanatic until he embraces his true self. But is it really his choice?
10/18/11 8:00 PM
Marinko helps a tennis star realise his potential
6/29/11 8:00 PM
Touchstone 11/27/10 7:00 PM
Wesley Bracken 3/16/10 8:00 PM
thought i'd already posted this here but looks like i haven't. enjoy :)
8/30/09 8:00 PM
New Haircuts, Leathers and first time at a tattoo studio for one new boy.
6/19/09 8:00 PM
ShavedLeather 5/13/09 8:00 PM