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3041 words
5/22/20 1:51 AM
1441 words
Jason signed up for a cushy music class that has become anything but . . .
5/8/20 5:31 PM
4352 words
5/7/20 5:29 PM
This is a sequel to the Retainer series. Make sure you read the original series so you can be caught up on what has been going on with Sam. The Follow up begins with Sam and Mark as they are off to the Gym, but first they have to make an interesting stop at the supplement store.
5/6/20 4:09 PM
3016 words
Max thinks he can handle anything -- he’s wrong.
5/2/20 7:33 AM
1017 words
Mitch has mind control powers and after taking care of his fellow jocks, he sets his eyes on taking care of the faculty’s woes with empathy, camaraderie, and lots of gay sex.
4/23/20 4:20 PM
Two life long friends and athletes who are about to begin college become the objects of interests to a family of international undercover spies intent on taking over the country from within.
4/20/20 3:14 PM
A college athlete makes sure that his new friend puts in the hard work.
3/29/20 9:02 PM
James begins to notice how his training is changing him, physically and mentally.
3/6/20 10:59 AM
James finds himself distracted all day with thoughts of VIC as he anticipates his next session.
3/2/20 5:47 AM