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Cris Kane
Charles feels liberated by his latest incarnation, while Derek and Pierce use their sleuthing skills to search for him.
11/9/18 1:33 AM
Cris Kane
Exploring Cancun, Derek and Chuck discover that their changes aren't just physical.
9/23/18 1:15 PM
This Man
Jason Hunter is a handsome man looking for relief and he will find it... in a place he would have never thought about.
8/25/18 7:42 AM
Hot muscle men at the gym can make you do unexpected things.
6/24/18 3:13 PM
Willie Cici
Jay is having some work done around his house . . .
5/28/17 11:46 PM
Willie Cici
Connor joins a gym and sees his life changed . . .
3/8/17 4:38 AM
Cris Kane
Scott tries to take advantage of being 21 again with a hot young body, and steps out on the dance floor with a sexy gymnast.
1/20/17 2:38 AM
Sam is a shy guy who finally worked up the courage to say hello to his gym crush, Zach. Sam finds himself getting very close to Zach from that point forward.
8/12/16 6:19 AM
A guy goes through a breakup with the help of a few health care professionals
7/18/16 1:47 AM
just another little gym story
Category missing Insufficient Tags
11/1/15 6:47 AM
Warren is still straight, but that doesn't mean Hank can't convince him to experiment a little.
2/20/11 7:00 PM
Nameless 9/11/07 8:00 PM
Russain Gymnast..same roma curse continued
Category missing
2/24/07 7:00 PM
cicero 2/22/07 7:00 PM
A hot Russian gymnast finds its not good to upset the Roma
2/20/07 7:00 PM
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