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S. Q. Neemie 1/3/20 3:04 PM
Parker & Johnson was on the verge of shutting down, but it was bought out and saved at the last minute by Mr Masters. After some changes to the company under their new owner, now business is doing great, just like the way it was before...or so they thought...
11/6/19 8:24 AM
A college frat bro has an experience of his life.
10/30/19 10:24 AM
RotherhamMan 6/17/19 1:11 PM
Jese stumbles upon the the campus' secret Hypnohole... Can we resist the voice?
5/9/19 3:25 PM
Mr. Knight
Asher get's creative with what TGH has to offer and discovers more than he was looking for
4/17/19 5:54 AM
Mr. Knight
After signing up to beta-test some strange new sex technology, Asher discovers that he has the opportunity to fuck whoever he wants!
4/15/19 10:49 AM
A young man finds himself learning to fall in line and become a real man thanks to his stepdad.
4/9/19 11:59 AM
Stroppy Author 11/24/18 8:49 AM
Tkhon 5/26/18 12:51 AM
A man finds himself sending pictures of himself doing all sorts of stuff with guys
5/14/17 7:53 AM
It's normal to play games that are a little risque at a bachelor party, right?
12/3/16 8:16 AM
A man at the gas station is calling Jeff names, but what if he's right?
11/7/16 7:07 AM
A trucker falls into a trap at a nearby truck stop.
12/31/15 8:19 PM
J Alexander 12/20/12 7:00 PM
Ashan 4/4/07 8:00 PM