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7783 words
Lucas is very late to his class because of his friend, but what is this guy doing in front of the class?
5/30/20 4:30 AM
4/29/20 2:08 PM
8263 words
Mark and Todd become gym bros. Even though Mark's gay and Todd's not, they get along great and Mark helps Todd with his fitness goals. With help from a magic sauna that affects those who cum there, there's even more Mark can show Todd. But Todd doesn't realize Mark has some other plans for him.
3/15/20 10:58 PM
2/4/20 5:33 AM
Benji and Burro try to get to the bottom of things... if only they could stop fucking long enough to do so. They also make a new friend and meet a mysterious stranger who's got some shocking news for them.
1/5/20 11:18 AM
12/29/19 10:17 AM
8/26/19 6:15 AM
7/8/19 4:43 AM
Ben is a shy quiet bear who's having trouble meeting men to date. All that is about to change once he meets a stranger in an alleyway.
6/10/19 12:17 AM
4547 words
2/13/19 5:35 PM