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webb025 7/14/17 1:02 PM
College freshman Todd finds himself forced to jack off constantly to a picture of someone who has disappeared.
8/5/16 10:29 PM
Cris Kane
A formerly homophobic preppie describes how he came under the control of his computer geek roommate.
6/16/15 4:45 AM
Cris Kane
As Ryan adjusts to his modified body, he applies the camera's effects to his jerk of a roommate.
9/10/14 9:54 PM
Cris Kane
Geeky freshman Ryan is given a camera with special selfie-editing options that Instagram hasn't thought of yet.
9/7/14 8:32 PM
The dress code at the after-party? Corduroy of course!
7/16/14 2:56 AM
Violet Scorpio 6/19/07 8:00 PM