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With some help, Jeffrey makes a narrow escape from Carl, and survives to end of the round.
6/29/20 4:54 PM
Jeff gets to know some fellow hunters.
6/21/20 6:08 AM
As the game progresses, Fareed confronts some uncomfortable truths as well as his long-suppressed appetites. (Based on the open-ended world of NANOwriter’s Truth or Dare series.)
6/17/20 4:30 AM
Strangely, Jese isn't afraid of returning to the world of Star World after what happen last time he was in the Mindgear. Actually, he is quite curious, excited almost. Equally as excited, his Dennis...
6/4/20 4:52 PM
Jeff chooses to run in flight, not to stand and fight. Will he make it up the ladder in time? (No. He won't.)
5/30/20 9:33 PM
Jeffrey lets go of the rifle. Patrick has fun with them all. The pledges parade back to the frat house in captivity.
5/15/20 9:34 PM
Carl puts Jeffrey’s booby-trapped warehouse to the test.
4/30/20 6:10 AM
The pledges enjoy themselves as a group. But can their sexy fun last forever?
4/13/20 6:16 AM
After their ambush by a Hunter, the pledges adjust to their new situation and learn a few new things about Pink Haze
4/8/20 3:21 PM
Jeff and Mitch meet some fellow Hunted, but one visitor comes as a surprise.
4/7/20 6:08 AM