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Satisfied with his first round of justice, Ryland discovers his calling. Two more enemies succumb to Ryland's restricted spells. Jamison awakes, and tries Terran out for himself. Reunited with his witch lover, Jamison makes a request.
7/10/20 3:48 PM
6/29/20 5:21 AM
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Tony doesn't like how his friend Matt keeps hanging out with a guy and follows him out into the forest.
6/29/20 5:20 AM
2529 words
Angrath wanders the grand streets of Ravnica, searching for wonders to bring home to his family, when he runs afoul with an elephantine loxodon of the Selesnya Conclave. While he be able to escape safely to return to his own beloved plane, or while he become a brainwashed pawn of the loxodon's eerie machinations?
6/16/20 1:55 PM
6/13/20 3:07 PM
3118 words
The Arch Demon Malgreth grows tired of the repetitive use of his aging sluts and craves creation of a new kind of slave. He plans to kidnap and convert two straight alpha jocks into his perfect little sluts. Filth, cum, and stench run amok as the two best friends are pulled deep into the seat of hellish pleasure.
6/11/20 11:00 AM
A rogue is tasked with investigating an encampment of orcs, but what he discovers there could be the end of the age as he knows it.
6/3/20 10:07 PM
2090 words
Peter, a 22 year old chubby lab researcher with brown hair and green eyes, encounters a fascinating organism that takes over his body, mesmerizing him into a sex fiend, and transforming him
6/2/20 12:40 PM
5/16/20 5:01 PM
3945 words
A defective gorilla anthro, engineered for breeding, get's cancelled and picked up by a new owner
5/7/20 1:17 AM