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Ben moves into a new house and quickly discovers the rumors of its haunting may be true
7/4/20 6:11 AM
Two friends and cohabitants of an apartment struggle to deal with the effects of qarantining. One friend's revelation triggers a series of tantalizing events.
7/1/20 6:16 AM
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6/24/20 1:46 PM
3485 words
James wakes up without a head, and no must learn to live as a dullahan
6/9/20 8:08 PM
2881 words
A viral marketing song has strange effects on James and Stephen's relationship.
5/27/20 5:52 PM
2168 words
Spanish story. After teaching Lucas about sex, nick starts to wonder if he will ever learn something. Jose Luis searches for Mat, but he finds someone else.
5/12/20 6:29 AM
2800 words
Spanish story. After the events of last night, Mat, Lucas & Tom will face a new day in their new realities.
5/11/20 8:50 AM
The thrilling conclusion! Will Sterling or Tony win Zach’s heart? Will Mr. Applegate shut down the sexy times and fire the trio? Will they ever get the cum out of the carpet? Read on to see!
5/9/20 4:21 AM
Woke up in a body, self-aware for the first time. Who am I? What should I do?
4/26/20 4:28 PM
Zach helps Tony process his interaction with Sterling.
4/13/20 4:36 PM