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Picking up where we left off, Oliver decides to join the frat and is surprised by the simple application process. However, things are never quite what they seem.
4/16/19 11:54 AM
Matt has invited his brother Nathan to the fraternity house so that Nathan can rehearse his hypnotism stage-show with the brothers.
4/8/19 1:42 PM
Three frat brothers get more than they bargained for they join in on a drinking game.
3/20/19 11:09 PM
tyl7897 3/4/19 10:24 PM
Jason and Will, two straight boys dissatisfied with a party, opt for a bro job with each other but forget one key part
12/17/18 7:45 AM
Building bonds between frats, is there any pursuit more noble?
12/7/18 1:38 AM
Willie Cici
The final phase of testing and Josh's plan would take off . . .
12/4/18 9:50 PM
Derek has to pay for the stupid lack of judgement made by his fraternity brother during a party
11/24/18 9:24 PM
Hypnocigarboy 11/19/18 6:00 AM
Van brings his plan for Jake to its conclusion
11/9/18 10:57 AM
A Supreme Court nominee has a life-changing experience.
9/29/18 8:26 AM
Kappa Sig knows how to throw one heck of a party
9/11/18 5:35 AM
Van sets the next part of his plan in motion
9/9/18 6:36 AM
Nicky Noxville
His frat brothers give Derek some bad news, and some good news that makes everything better, before they let him play a special game.
8/7/18 5:52 PM
A pizza delivery man gets more than he bargains for when he finds a sexy frat boy is hungry for more than pizza.
8/7/18 2:20 AM
Van puts a new plan in motion and notices a change in himself
8/5/18 6:38 AM
The best beer is the kind that never runs out
7/31/18 3:08 AM
The newest members of Kappa Sig take some time to relax
7/5/18 6:29 PM
Mark keeps on improving his frat brothers
6/26/18 2:33 PM
Happy Endings
The Mind Palace continues! Glasman has thoughts of retirement, and has a replacement in mind.
6/24/18 11:42 PM
The newest frat member isn't shy about things is he?
6/16/18 8:41 PM
More beer, more better.
6/15/18 2:15 PM
Twink J173 belongs to a very special club. And it's recruiting new members...
4/18/18 2:39 AM
Twink J173 belongs to a very special club. And it's recruiting new members...
4/14/18 11:49 AM
Programming Prince
Alternate possibility if Michael had chosen how he programmed Steven differently. The fraternity will never be the same. This is much darker and smuttier.
4/2/18 9:07 AM
Programming Prince
Lucas, an unsocial geek senior, reluctantly finds himself with some new responsibilities.
3/30/18 8:56 AM
A twin tries to distinguish himself from his brother, and ends up bringing them closer together than ever.
12/9/17 3:30 AM
Derek Williams
The genie is unleashed on a bookish nerd in the library.
11/9/17 5:15 PM
Kappa Sigma has a very strenuous selection process that leaves two pledges very different people
9/30/17 2:16 PM
webb025 7/14/17 1:02 PM