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8/2/20 7:46 AM
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7/13/20 6:11 AM
7/9/20 12:07 PM
1157 words
There's a new product being tested, but what does it do?
7/1/20 6:11 AM
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Tony doesn't like how his friend Matt keeps hanging out with a guy and follows him out into the forest.
6/29/20 5:20 AM
A older pervert finds an amulet that allows him to take control of a frat house and warp it according to his darkest fantasies
6/28/20 6:37 AM
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6/21/20 11:11 PM
Colin (currently in Kieron's body, so Ceerin) now has possession of the laptop once more, with the correct DNA. What willhe do to Kieron and Troy?)
6/17/20 7:45 AM
1827 words
6/14/20 12:30 PM
2502 words
Atlas meets some of the bros, finding that much needed sense of connection. But is everything as it seems? (Thank you for all the supportive comments y'all!)
6/14/20 8:18 AM