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Mark is trying to have chill evening but someone may have a different plan for him
5/28/20 1:36 AM
5/23/20 2:33 PM
5/22/20 1:51 AM
Jeffrey lets go of the rifle. Patrick has fun with them all. The pledges parade back to the frat house in captivity.
5/15/20 9:34 PM
After losing a bet and having to go to a rush event for Delta Theta, Will finds the fraternity a lot more appealing than he initially expected.
5/7/20 11:26 AM
5/5/20 1:42 AM
Jason invites Ken to a frat party to pay him back for helping Jason pass a class. It's Ken's first time and he's a bit nervous. But after a bit of a pep talk, Ken's realizes he can have a good time.
4/7/20 10:37 AM
Pine has to face his last pledge challenge. Time to pop some balloons!
3/29/20 10:36 AM
First pledge challenge already?! Pine teams up with another pledge, and explores a bit more his dominant side.
3/14/20 8:12 AM
Jeff hides out in a club for a while. A showdown. What will the next round bring?
2/3/20 4:12 PM