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Leather Asylum 11/19/18 6:02 PM
Leather Asylum 11/17/18 1:04 PM
Leather Asylum 11/15/18 8:45 AM
Stroppy Author 11/7/18 5:30 PM
tomozco 10/30/18 11:33 PM
You Wish!
Billy must endure the enforced obligation of the previous wish.
10/22/18 11:57 PM
Scott is introduced to the new workers of the lab.
7/31/18 4:20 AM
A delivery man stumbles upon a mysterious lab and something dangerous within.
7/30/18 10:45 PM
Wesley Bracken
The detective agrees to meet with a stranger who has an intimate history with the rapist.
7/14/18 1:16 AM
Our hero takes the boys home.
7/3/18 5:44 PM
Wesley Bracken
A detective begins investigating a strange rape case, with a victim who is no longer who he was.
6/4/18 8:05 PM
Finn learns just how BIG of a mistake he has made.
3/27/18 1:10 AM
Finnlay puts his plan into action, against Jacksons wishes.
3/12/18 1:11 PM
Ethans training continues, and The Doctors true intentions are revealed.
2/23/18 4:46 AM
Doctor Version, a terrifyingly intelligent man who has money and the technology, and now a subject...
2/22/18 2:49 AM
Philip is such a handsome young man, he makes for a beautiful secretary. Long dark lashes, black hair, green eyes. More beautiful than a woman. It's perfectly natural for Matthew to act on his attraction to the raven-haired boi.
2/20/18 9:03 PM
Jacksons transformation continues...
2/18/18 1:38 AM
Sure, he ruined your porn career when you had ED, but maybe this unexpected gift from him makes up for it...
2/12/18 4:13 PM
Jackson damages an ancient artefact, and is cursed to become a living version of it...
2/11/18 2:47 AM
Willie Cici
The bond between and Daddy and his boy . . .
1/25/18 5:22 AM
When the Deacon International Holdings refused his takeover bid, the Dark Falcon gets his way...and takes over the owner as well.
10/29/17 9:43 PM
A frat bro is forced to see the world from his victim's point of view, but even that is S'more than he deserves!
9/17/17 3:54 AM
Will Mike be able to keep from drowning in his own pleasure or will he be swept along in the wake of the power of progress?
Category missing
7/7/17 9:19 AM
M. Greene 5/29/17 12:02 PM
M. Greene
The story of Julius comes to an end.
5/28/17 10:25 AM
The Flesh Lab 5/25/17 3:06 AM
Honestly, you wake up in a strange room in strange clothes with a strange acting friend. How else could my life change?
4/16/17 1:01 PM
The Extractor
The experiment continues!
3/23/17 7:58 AM
James learns to be compliant to a man that claims him on the subway.
3/17/17 5:07 AM
James learns to be compliant to a man that claims him on the subway.
2/25/17 3:31 PM