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Bela Barbell
A facility where athletes go to train, a mysterious background, the results speak for themselves. But are the athletes that return the same as those that were sent off?
3/26/20 5:42 PM
Nacho 2/21/20 10:53 AM
Pine starts to carry out his new plan, but first, he needs the head coach by his side.
2/1/20 5:16 PM
Pine has an idea. Test his new powers with the cute jock he just met.
1/27/20 11:44 AM
jockedguy 10/5/19 8:41 PM
Scott and Landon meet one another and Landon shows Scott what he can do.
7/6/19 7:54 AM
Jackson and the jocks head out to Hawkin's high to help with a nerd problem
5/27/19 9:56 PM
Rozza22365 5/13/19 4:54 AM
Spandexlad 5/3/19 5:14 AM
Tyler, the school reporter investigates Coach and the jocks to find the cause for all the changes at Jockland High.
4/7/19 3:44 PM
Sam was a nerd and, of course, gay. Henry a jock, a black football jock who like to mess with gays and nerds, the rest is history... But Sam had enough and so, he prepared something to get revenge on his tormentor. The only thing that he didn't get into account was getting someone else instead, Henry's father, Albert.
4/4/19 9:30 AM
PupScout 4/2/19 9:16 PM
A group of nerds are invited to a nerd out night at school, where they are hunted down by jocks.
2/21/19 8:45 AM
Willie Cici
Eric faces the reality of his college football life - the last game.
1/5/19 6:42 PM
After Bradley fell to Jackson, Jackson decides to move on the other two nerds
1/1/19 10:32 AM
3 nerds are punished and Jackson the football captain has plans for them.
12/31/18 7:57 PM
PaisaGringo 12/29/18 9:04 AM
PaisaGringo 12/14/18 3:38 PM
Gareth Masters is ready for his debut Blokes Go Barmy shoot.
12/6/18 6:35 PM
In the locker room showers, a new vessel for Coach's will is born
12/4/18 5:29 AM
Stroppy Author 11/24/18 8:49 AM
Willie Cici
A football player sustains an injury and finds himself in a new line of work . . .
10/5/18 1:01 AM
A Labor day visit from my momchanged my life drastically just as I turned 25 and the QB living above me unwitingly helps me perfect my family's recipes.
9/23/18 12:21 AM
Stroppy Author 7/26/18 3:41 AM
A rebel and his two jock pals get sent to the principal's office where wills are bent and minds are controlled.
5/8/18 5:16 AM
Willie Cici
Bud Larson wants to sign with the team of his childhood dreams . . .
4/26/18 4:41 AM
The hot new band Dr0n3s plays a festival set that's absolutely enthralling...
8/5/17 5:40 AM
The hot new band Dr0n3s plays a festival set that's absolutely enthralling...
8/1/17 4:56 AM
The hot new band Dr0n3s plays a festival set that's absolutely enthralling...
7/29/17 5:40 AM
The dress code at the after-party? Corduroy of course!
7/16/14 2:56 AM