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Dave wakes up cuddling the Adam, the strange jock he helped home from the gym the night before
5/11/20 5:55 AM
Woke up in a body, self-aware for the first time. Who am I? What should I do?
4/26/20 4:28 PM
4/13/20 2:26 PM
President Nelly pushes Elder Harker as far as he'll go. Elder Havea unlocks some of his secret desires. Elder Smith gets a new groove.
4/10/20 4:07 PM
Stephun Brassicois is a brash young commander of an expedition sent to attack the orcs of the Riverpace Tribe. Before he has a chance, though, he falls terribly ill. He'll find out he hasn't actually been well for ten years.
4/2/20 4:44 PM
1/3/20 3:04 PM
From a simple cartoon, to naked in a man's bed. How my Virginity was lost.
5/11/19 12:02 PM
The newest frat member isn't shy about things is he?
6/16/18 8:41 PM
Tom hits the beach and things start out platonic until he unwittingly buys a meal with his sexuality as the price.
6/7/16 6:39 AM
A young officer cadet stumbles upon the secret that is the PTI
10/11/15 3:55 PM