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Lytcom 10/14/19 9:12 PM
Collins aquires a new position as the Town Mayor.
7/23/19 10:40 PM
two friends have their lives quickly changed as their bodies do as well.
5/23/19 5:59 PM
The first shift of fire pups get used to their new lives while preparing for the second shift's arrival.
7/12/18 5:31 PM
The firemen at the station are a close group of guys. They're about to become even closer as a primal, bestial, horned up pack for their Masters.
7/3/18 7:26 PM
The collective of fused men expand their efforts.
5/25/17 3:07 AM
Tyler notices things changing after the school hires Officer O'Connor
6/8/14 8:37 AM
Albatross and NCMC readers 11/20/12 7:00 PM
Doug Kent 8/13/05 8:00 PM