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Local superhero Captain Awesome attends his annual check-up, but his usual doctor has been replaced. There's definitely something funny going on...
6/8/20 5:01 AM
5/24/20 8:31 PM
5/23/20 7:05 PM
4/29/20 12:46 PM
Captain Mike Conner is abducted by a former nemesis
4/8/20 1:51 PM
3327 words
Top prize in a hypnosis story writing competition is more than expected
4/6/20 7:26 PM
3440 words
Matt gets far more than he reckoned after attending a hypnosis show
3/6/20 5:31 PM
18139 words
2/7/20 7:37 PM
Mark moves to a new apartment but his new place has plans for him, for his mind and body.
2/4/20 5:28 AM
2990 words
Dave finally enters the transformation process that will convert him into a superhero. Will he succeed?
1/27/20 2:52 PM