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Marcus's musk gets him in trouble with his girlfriend, he discovers a new need, and some unintended side effects
6/16/20 5:17 AM
Peter is worried about his upcoming marriage. Will counseling help him ensure his relationship lasts?
4/15/20 8:58 AM
3827 words
A story inspired by one I've come back to several times by Terinas Tiger; Luke gets some mysterious bottles to try from his brother that he wants to share with his girlfriend.
4/2/20 7:13 PM
3891 words
Rick was already exhausted by his uppity female roommate and her boyfriend, then the COVID-19 Quarantine happened. He knew he couldn't live with her the way she was any longer.
3/15/20 8:27 AM
3127 words
Trucked out to the desert by the last remaining women, Derek falls prey to a man with an unexpected configuration.
8/25/19 11:55 AM
Halloween is Nate's favourite holiday but his high hopes for the Undead Ball are crushed when he sees his girlfriend's costume.
10/26/17 9:41 PM