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A young swimmer visits a sports therapist and unwittingly becomes his slave. A commissioned story in two parts.
7/6/20 6:02 AM
4535 words
A couple of friends attend a hypnosis show that has lasting consequences for their personal lives.
6/7/20 3:41 PM
Everything you need to know about T-Drones, as seen in "Destination Utopia: Noels Journey"! Special: Interview with "107" - Noels assistant-drone tells us a few details about itself!
5/20/20 9:21 PM
Noel follows his assistant-drone deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of the system. Still barely clothed in just some thin, rubbery underwear which, as he learns, serves another purpose besides preventing him from walking around on his bare feet and with his private parts exposed. Follow Noel into sector 0C and join him in unveiling yet another secret of Utopia.
5/16/20 9:06 AM
This is a sequel to the Retainer series. Make sure you read the original series so you can be caught up on what has been going on with Sam. The Follow up begins with Sam and Mark as they are off to the Gym, but first they have to make an interesting stop at the supplement store.
5/6/20 4:09 PM
1051 words
Mike gets home to find some guy in his couch with a persuasive smell coming from his feet.
5/5/20 7:51 AM
6267 words
A high school bully finds himself unable to control his own body.
5/4/20 5:16 AM
Jason can't wait to score with Jessie, but her flatmate has other ideas
5/1/20 5:52 AM
3177 words
A Korean idol's longing for admiration manifests in several strange transformations for some of his fans.
4/17/20 5:53 PM
5250 words
Bryan is in love with Jimmy, and takes that love to another level with the help of a new app.
4/11/20 3:51 PM