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Edward's unhappy with the new gym... and he doesn't think a Gift Box will make him feel better.
6/26/20 1:29 PM
6/9/20 1:10 PM
6/7/20 8:39 AM
Tiff is so pissed at Colin's DNA trap on his laptop that turned all their planned changes to Colin back onto Si who was now a thinner, small cocked sassy himbo. Was there anything she could do to help him, and what would Colin do to her if he caught her on his Chronivac enabled laptop?
6/5/20 5:08 AM
After getting a new set of paints, a formerly mediocre artist becomes known for the unique subjects of his portraits.
6/2/20 1:43 PM
Devout catholic Jerome feels a sudden urge to get a full body wax, only to discover a terrible voodoo curse. He Hopes his God can save him... but that's not important right now!.
5/31/20 8:13 PM
7783 words
Lucas is very late to his class because of his friend, but what is this guy doing in front of the class?
5/30/20 4:30 AM
5/29/20 9:29 AM
3041 words
5/22/20 1:51 AM
Colin works out how to create a venue with the Chronivac, as well as a few dancers, barmen and improved a fashion hunk along the way
4/26/20 7:54 AM