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Two life long friends and athletes who are about to begin college become the objects of interests to a family of international undercover spies intent on taking over the country from within.
4/20/20 3:14 PM
9/8/19 7:10 AM
Mandrill finally gets access to one of the lesser known genuises in New York in the Mad Thinker. But will Mandrill kill him due to his condescending nature towards the phermone powered monkey and jeopardize his own plans?e
8/11/19 1:49 PM
Eight men sign up to a drug trial without understanding the potential side-effects
4/19/19 11:02 AM
2433 words
6/20/18 2:40 AM
A twin tries to distinguish himself from his brother, and ends up bringing them closer together than ever.
12/9/17 3:30 AM
The experimental record of Project: Testostorex
11/23/17 12:25 AM
5210 words
Abducted by a doctor who is determined to create more jocks in the world, you fight tooth and nail to survive the injections and get back to an accomplished life.
11/14/17 7:33 PM
4128 words
Frat boys get kidnapped, cocks enlarged and milked by mad scientist
8/15/13 8:00 PM
14295 words
2/9/12 7:00 PM