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Hypnoverse 11/6/18 10:28 PM
Corey Grant
AJ faces his insecurities and Campus Security...
10/19/18 9:39 AM
Corey Grant
AJ encounters familiar faces in an unfamiliar situation...
9/3/18 5:16 AM
A Us Marshall is tortured to reveal the location of a friend
7/1/18 2:36 AM
Corey Grant
AJ doesn't know why, but soon all will be revealed...
5/27/18 4:14 AM
TickledPink 3/25/18 7:44 AM
Sir Skinny 3/23/18 9:56 AM
A couple of guys are worried sharing a bed might look a bit gay, but i'm sure it'll be fine
8/14/16 12:27 PM
Sometimes you have to help someone find true joy.
Category missing
7/7/16 1:31 AM
Ryan's runs seem to be full of a grey smoky haze & he can't remember everything no matter how hard he tries...
11/10/14 2:34 PM
The Musk starts to take over the college, turning students and professors into exhibitionist perverts.
5/10/14 10:03 AM
Haven Tesla
Clueless young actor continues to be sexploited by his persuasive producer
4/27/14 12:40 PM
After succumbing to a man with an irresistible scent, a cop finds himself unable to stay dressed.
1/15/14 7:00 PM
All he needed was a little empathy...
Category missing
6/25/10 8:00 PM
Needs Collar
Ryan uses his powers to turn his friend Eric...
10/1/05 8:00 PM
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