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Chris wanders off from his tour group to find an intriguing serpent with a strange power
7/13/20 6:57 PM
The beginning of Alex's story.
6/10/20 12:02 PM
1080 words
Officer Dickhead tries to get his tasks done, but hits a couple of roadblocks along the way.
5/13/20 9:46 AM
2109 words
The newly mindfucked officer has to do some admin work after the end of his shift.
5/12/20 3:36 PM
2/26/20 6:14 AM
3212 words
1/31/20 9:02 PM
4312 words
11/7/19 4:18 PM
4857 words
10/7/19 6:16 AM
Unbeknownst to these sexy studs, my nanobots are training them to desire each other sexually. Then, some locker room showers provide an opportunity for some sexy fun
9/5/19 10:12 PM
4457 words
8/15/19 6:34 AM