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A high school bully finds himself unable to control his own body.
5/4/20 5:16 AM
Unbeknownst to this sexy sleeping stud, he's about to be an experiment in nanobot induced arousal.
9/3/19 12:49 PM
A fetish man enjoys his dream job as a rancher for men.
5/13/19 8:53 PM
5/20/18 11:29 PM
4/20/18 12:17 AM
Simon targets another unsuspecting donor for his client . . .
3/18/18 8:37 PM
Detective Kirk Ogleson is in for the experience of his life as he sets foot into the mysterious home of Dr. Wegner for the first time. A prequel.
10/24/17 7:30 AM
A secret program within the military where top grade soldiers are conditioned and fitted into high-tech rubber suits.
2/10/16 12:02 AM