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7/1/20 6:50 AM
6/29/20 5:21 AM
This hidden chapter by absman420 tells the story of how Mark came to appreciate the gym
6/28/20 11:48 AM
Edward's unhappy with the new gym... and he doesn't think a Gift Box will make him feel better.
6/26/20 1:29 PM
Edward's been out of town a couple weeks. When he returns, things are VERY different at the gym -- including his friends!
6/25/20 12:43 PM
5384 words
I order Jock Express online, convinced it is a scam.
6/23/20 4:24 AM
Author Hidden
6/21/20 11:11 PM
Marcus finds a coin that grants wishes, too bad it has a mind of its own...
6/18/20 9:12 PM
Colin (currently in Kieron's body, so Ceerin) now has possession of the laptop once more, with the correct DNA. What willhe do to Kieron and Troy?)
6/17/20 7:45 AM
3598 words
While working out, Andre gradually becomes aware that he is not alone. Someone is there, watching him sweat. Someone whose cock commands Andre's focus like nothing ever has before. Changing him into the boy he was meant to be.
6/15/20 5:27 AM