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Bear-Cub Sandwich
A special exhibit at a local museum encourages Rob with drugs to find his gay side as he watches men fuck on display, and watches gay porn with his face on it.
8/12/19 11:45 AM
A college student visits a friend/ex-roommate who has been acting weirdly since he moved in with his wrestling coach.
5/29/19 10:45 PM
From a simple cartoon, to naked in a man's bed. How my Virginity was lost.
5/11/19 12:02 PM
Jese stumbles upon the the campus' secret Hypnohole... Can we resist the voice?
5/9/19 3:25 PM
Three friends at a music festival stumble into a very special photobooth. You choose what happens next.
2/10/19 12:29 PM
Liam and Duncan are living it up, while a confusing day leads to a fun night for another university student
1/10/19 9:17 AM
Jake gets the gang together for the party of their lives
11/6/18 10:51 PM
Willie Cici
Bobby and his friends want to party Friday night. They never expected it would be with the neighbor . . .
7/5/18 3:11 AM
Caldin disapproves of strip clubs, but when he decides to pay a gay club a visit he finds himself being drawn into the activities.
4/30/18 8:03 AM
Nicky Noxville
For the first time in ages, Orcs have invaded the forest Kingdom of the elves. A young Scout, sent by the Elven Army, is about to learn the true nature of orcs and elves.
3/22/18 1:06 AM
Wesley Bracken
The only thing certain in the city is Change. That, and that everyone in the city has a story.
2/7/18 1:08 AM
Willie Cici
Travel the cities of Europe and experience the tastes of the continent . . .
11/21/17 5:43 AM
Mason is waiting on his best friend Cameron to go to the Undead Ball when a mysterious stranger pervert his desires.
10/31/17 2:49 PM
Thirty year old Hugh has to drop his brother Felix off at a friend's party but ends up staying for the festivities.
10/14/17 4:37 PM
Hunter invites Joshua and Chase over for a Saturday playdate while Tyler makes sure to enjoy the fruits of his labour.
7/27/17 9:26 AM
A summoner Having fun with his stud friends at Atlantic city part II.
4/18/17 7:42 PM
Cris Kane
After attempting to apologize to his girlfriend, Scott is shanghaied to a drama department party, where he doesn't recognize anyone but starts to make friends.
1/27/17 4:29 AM
Dat Spicy Ramen
A college kid decides to do something about his bully.
1/9/17 3:10 PM
A chance meeting at a music festival leads a young man to confront someone from his past.
8/12/15 12:26 PM
Joe meets the man of his dreams, but the Club's power is stronger than what he thought.
6/13/15 6:51 AM
A drunken night out for a 21st birthday celebration leads to a total transformation of body and mind.
5/2/14 12:05 AM
A daddy with a talent for reading minds helps out a friend rein in easy pickings at a bar.
10/15/10 8:00 PM
cicero 2/22/07 7:00 PM