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Vince takes the cheap route on a medical treatment for his sexual health. Will things go as planned? Of course not.
4/4/20 10:03 PM
Cock teasing continues as things get a little physical... Daniels also approaches me with sleeping problems.
4/3/20 4:17 PM
The race to sexually frustrate my straight roommate continues with explosive events.
4/1/20 6:04 PM
Nicky Noxville
Jacob has never masturbated, and his doctor is determined to teach him a fundamental truth about masturbation: It's perfectly normal.
4/1/20 5:13 AM
What?! Don't act like you never tried anything new in college.
4/1/20 5:11 AM
For the longest time, I’ve have been drooling after my rugby-playing roommate, Daniels. When the mandatory quarantine was announced, I knew it was the perfect time to act up on my long planned scheme to get him so sexually frustrated that I’d get him to fuck me. Hopefully he doesn’t found out...
3/31/20 9:07 AM
Willie Cici
A series of short stories about men stuck on the road and what happens to them …
3/29/20 10:39 AM
A cop has been unconsciously helping an imprisoned drug lord manage his drug trade while in prison.
3/28/20 5:49 PM
Josh Slater
A man rents out rooms in his house as dorm rooms, with a small little requirement in return.
3/28/20 10:33 AM
Bear Cub Sandwich
An abducted sex-slave wakes up in a body not his own every time he falls asleep, his only escape from daily torture. But as dreams and reality interweave, his dreams might hold the key to his escape!
3/25/20 6:31 AM
Tom Gungy
Drake has lived in rural town of Dewdrop all his life but finds himself falling in love with a stranger that has no knowledge of the small town's oddities.
3/24/20 5:34 PM
Kevin gets the man of his dreams
3/22/20 9:38 AM
Willie Cici
Eric's uncle invited him and his lover over for an afternoon pool party . . .
3/21/20 10:21 PM
Morgan's getting quite big--and Robbie plans to show it off.
3/20/20 8:09 PM
Robbie wants to see his boyfriend grow--with the help of some new 'vitamins'.
3/20/20 5:53 AM
Willie Cici
A series of short stories about men stuck on the road and what happens to them . . .
3/18/20 3:49 PM
The Dirty Spiders
A online stranger interferes in the life of a man in a downward spiral.
3/17/20 2:48 PM
Bela Barbell
The Inductee enjoys his first breakfast and prepares for his first workout at the Center. He has a short encounter with Zeke, the bodybuilder.
3/14/20 4:30 PM
Willie Cici
Gunner needs a night out. His friend, Jesse, knows just where to go . . .
3/11/20 4:54 PM
Willie Cici
A series of short stories about men stuck on the road and what happens to them . . .
3/11/20 3:47 PM
Willie Cici
A series of short stories about men stuck on the road and what happens to them . . .
3/6/20 10:59 AM
Willie Cici
A blog journalist travels to South America for Carnival . . .
3/2/20 5:43 AM
A pair of friends get more than they bargained for on a trip to a seaside town.
2/19/20 5:46 AM
A pair of friends take a trip to the Oregon coast and find out things aren't entirely what they seem
2/5/20 5:57 AM
Willie Cici
Troy and Greg run a webcam and lure locals into their house with free weed . . .
2/1/20 9:26 PM
A Voyeur Fan
Jeffrey escapes detection, minus his clothing. The frat has his number, but Samir has a plan to help.
1/30/20 8:23 AM
A Voyeur Fan
A fraternity stages a fierce competition among young men who want to join. The penalty for losing is very stiff indeed. Choose Your Own Adventure Community Series
1/29/20 9:05 AM
The zaitars proceed to phase 2 where every young male earth child Will be taken to the zaitar spaceship to be taken over and brainwashed they will become members of the junior zaitar assassin squad
1/15/20 10:11 AM
Willie Cici
Jason's friends think that threesomes are fiction, things made up by men. Jason knows better . . . or does he?
1/7/20 9:49 PM
Willie Cici
Jason and Eric wake up and face a new reality . . .
1/7/20 6:03 PM