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4704 words
A journey to the nest where new jockey parasites are born.
8/8/20 4:25 PM
8/1/20 10:37 AM
1167 words
7/28/20 9:02 PM
Will our protagonist meet the same fate as the other boys inside the chambers around him? Is 107 really as kind and as trustworthy as it seems? Read the recent chapter of Destination: Utopia and follow Noel on his journey!
7/26/20 11:42 AM
2439 words
What happens when the briefs parasite reaches the host's brain?
7/21/20 8:07 PM
7/21/20 10:44 AM
4638 words
Paul might be the last man in his town who hasn't been taken over by the mind-controlling alien jockey briefs. But how long can he last?
7/16/20 10:20 AM
1386 words
Joel wants something something intense that would blow his mind away for good.
7/10/20 2:27 PM
Three short stories about losing identity.
7/8/20 8:54 PM
1643 words
Dean decides to come in extra early to work to finish some reports for his boss. But he realizes he is not alone.
7/8/20 7:14 PM