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New Guy in Town
Theo goes through the weekend after leaving the recruiting center.
3/30/20 10:19 AM
Oyama leaves Shirakawa to seek help, but the spirit shows that escape isn't an option.
3/29/20 8:23 PM
A Voyeur Fan
Chris deepens his roommate's conditioning, and gives him an erotic massage to put him deep in a trance.
1/29/20 9:08 AM
Finn accepts the changes the ring has made, and learns more about the ring and about Mr Pollex and Navi. The third and final part of Finn’s story (for now, at least).
1/24/20 4:59 PM
The Call comes for someone else.
10/13/19 8:19 AM
MarvelHypnoDude 8/11/19 12:52 PM
An ordinary man has some extraordinary fantasies. He know they will never come true, but can you be sure?
7/9/19 10:55 AM
Jese stumbles upon the the campus' secret Hypnohole... Can we resist the voice?
5/9/19 3:25 PM
The third episode full of magic and misunderstanding
4/1/19 6:49 PM
Stroppy Author
My stories come to me in a dream
12/18/18 5:26 AM
Bullied, nerdy college freshman finds a way to get back at his jocky roommate after a strange encounter in the campus library
3/31/18 4:33 AM
While Jeremy sleeps, the satyrs have their fun. Meanwhile Jeremy has the wildest dream
1/12/18 11:41 PM
Willie Cici
A man finds himself in an unfamiliar place . . .
12/29/17 5:34 PM
The Syrme
Sex dreams. What can go wrong?
11/12/17 12:50 PM
Willie Cici
A man has a cathartic experience . . . on the Jersey shore . . .
8/29/17 4:09 PM
Robert M
This was my attempt at a military NCMC story. The set up might be a little long. I do see it as having more chapters. So this is Chapter One. I also released I wanted to shift the motivation from revenge to connection. I think I am more of a romantic than anything else. That's it hope you like it.
5/3/17 5:30 AM
To get his crew under control, Deck takes matters into his own hands and does a new kind of infiltration.
1/10/17 8:35 PM
Deck decides to infiltrate the inner workings of his squad.
1/6/17 8:54 PM
The McKinley College Baseball Team receives an invitation to a private retreat after winning the National Championship...they are in for a trip of a lifetime...
7/28/16 4:07 AM
Willie Cici
A patient seeks help from his therapist. A recurring dream has left him feeling uneasy . . .
5/29/16 4:05 AM
The ghost makes itself known
10/22/15 4:06 PM
Wesley Bracken
Two very different men end up sharing a hotel room and all their dreams come true.
10/23/12 8:00 PM
Tyler Bernard
An alien race has special plans for 50 young human studs on their 21st birthdays
7/13/09 8:00 PM
Lawyer recites an erotic dream to his doctor. Written a while ago.
11/30/08 7:00 PM
Blufur 8/30/08 8:00 PM