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7/7/20 3:05 PM
Working out with Rook, Strong spots for a 300-pound man.
7/5/20 4:07 PM
The story entails how a college boy seduces and dominates the men in his life. Inpired by true events.
7/5/20 7:29 AM
Josh is getting to know his homosexual side of his personality. He was a top jock but he didnt know he had other side as well.
7/5/20 7:28 AM
Recovering from being totally mind-fucked. WTF does he have planned...
7/5/20 7:24 AM
Adam enjoys the benefits of his new powers with Coach Joel and decides that Trent needs some additional changes.
7/4/20 2:50 PM
Thought I was helping my stepson work out, who knew he had other plans.
7/3/20 12:28 PM
7/2/20 11:26 AM
A day in the life of London’s hardest working policeman. Set in [and heavily inspired by] the post-apocalyptic universe of Xavier Hick’s Carriers and Donors / Bill Drake’s Cornell-TX on
6/26/20 9:42 PM
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6/24/20 1:46 PM